About Karma Dishoom

Karma Dishoom is the combined endeavour of telling TRUE STORIES of REAL HEROES and encouraging citizen-heroes to BLOW THE WHISTLE. The name is a blend of our 2 initiatives Karma Kurry, the bestselling book series that signed the biggest book deal and mainstreams stories of REAL & UNSUNG HEROES and iDishoom, the FIRST news/views web portal that promoted Discovery andStorytelling of REAL HEROES and encouraged CITIZEN-REPORTING and WHISTLEBLOWING for the first time in the world, since 2004.

Yes, iDishoom was the first News/Views Portal in the world, to be managed, maintained and led by a team of Voluntary Citizen Reporters. There were no paid employees when we launched in 2004 up to 2014, when we got hacked. Everything was run by over 1500+ Volunteers.

Both initiatives were founded, created and promoted by Jeroninio “Jerry” Almeida whose credentials are as given in the Team link.

Read Jerry’s Letter about what inspired him to start iDishoom

iDishoom was founded by Jerry in 2004 to promote CITIZEN-REPORTING and WHISTLEBLOWING along with mainstreaming stories of REAL HEROES who were making a difference in our world. Besides breaking stories of REAL HEROES like THE MOUNTAIN MAN, Mr. Dashrath Manjhi for the first time on the internet, iDishoom along with initiatives like the Karmaveer Awards and REX-Not Just Talks, Ideas for Action has inspired several newspapers/ magazines/TV Channels to begin columns of REAL HEROES and also inspired other NEWS PORTALS over the past 15 years.

iDishoom was also pivotal for blowing the whistle with CITIZEN REPORTERS and exposing WRONGS perpetrated by rogue organisations/individuals like Sahara, IIPM, Amity University, Vedanta University land scam, Monsanto, Coca Cola, Mukesh Ambani’s Antilla land scam, Kingfisher Airlines fraud, Sharad Pawar & family’s irrigation scam and many others. Read more about iDishoom's ethos here. iDishoom was featured and applauded in a global newspaper as the CHANGING FACE OF ACTIVISM in 2009.

Karma Kurry is a book series authored by Jerry and signed the biggest book deal in India. Karma Kurry is now creating a subseries of books under titles like Karma Kurry KidPower, Karma KurryWomanPower, Karma Kurry YouthPower, Karma Kurry Missionary Passiopreneurs, etc to inspire more and more people with true stories of REAL HEROES, who are being the change and making a difference in our world.

Karma Dishoom is an amalgamation of the energy, ethos and essence of the Karma Kurry Book Series and iDishoom News/Views Portal. Karma Dishoom dares to go, where other NEWS journals, portals and media tread on egg shells.  Our slug line is WHERE HEROES, RIGHT every WRONG and the idea is to enable Karma to PUNCH HARD against all wrongs, through the collective energy of ourREAL HEROES, CITIZEN REPORTERS and WHISTLE BLOWERS. Dishoom is an auditory mnemonic for a HARD-HITTING PUNCH in Indian movies. https://rexideas.com/idishoom/about-us/