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FULL-TIME Employment Opportunity to join as Writers/Reporters/Storytellers for www.KarmaDishoom.com (anyone from 18 to 80 can apply)

Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship and Karmaveer Chakra awards instituted by the International Confederation of NGOs (iCONGO) in partnership with the United Nations (UN) created www.KarmaDishoom.com an official news portal that tells true stories of real heroes from around the world.

As our CHOSEN WRITER/REPORTER/STORYTELLER, you would support our NOBLE MISSION of CELEBRATING REAL HEROES by researching and recognising UNSUNG HEROES and CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE for the most coveted, celebrated, credible honour, REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship and Karmaveer Chakra Awards instituted by iCONGO – International Confederation of NGOs - in partnership with the UN -United Nations. The REX Karmaveer Recognition is bestowed upon people who are making a huge difference in our world and also inspiring others, by changing mindsets. Our EVERYDAY HEROES, are people who are fulfilling their responsibility as HUMAN BEINGS, by trying to leave behind a world, that is a bit better than the one they were born in. We must always remember the ancient native proverb “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”

Responsibilities to Accomplish (RTA) - As our esteemed and celebrated

WRITER/REPORTER/STORYTELLER, all you need to do, is SCAN newspapers, magazines, internet, global websites celebrating heroes, social media portals (like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others), to find EVERYDAY REAL HEROES in our WORLD, who are CHANGING MINDSETS and making a BIG DIFFERENCE with their SMALL, SIMPLE but SIGNIFICANT IDEAS FOR ACTIONS.

Primary Responsibilities

1. To curate Tree saviour fellows and write their stories. - The primary goals would be to deliver 100 articles on tree heroes and tree Champions of Change from across the globe every month and curate them for REX Karmaveer Global Tree Saviour Fellowship.

2. To share and promote stories on social media.

3. To curate/nominate and follow through the nomination process for awarding & recognising heroes for the Rex Karmaveer Global Tree Saviour Fellowship and awards

Secondary Responsibilities.

1. To help with organizing our Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship mission events

2. To recruit bloggers, vloggers, citizen editors and reporters

Tertiary Responsibilities

1. Demonstrate JUST ANOTHER VOLUNTEER spirit whenever we need your support and efforts as a team member to help and support other writers/reporters or any other work where you can take charge during special projects which will happen once or twice in a year.

2. To write stories of any heroes you have in mind, besides specific story responsibilities assigned to you.

Educational Qualifications are OVERRATED. Research shows that expensive degrees, competence and talent are overrated and it is our character that takes us places and beyond and not our competence, talent or degrees. As a mission we focus more on character than competence because while we can train people and make them competent within a week, building character of the REX KARMAVEER HEROES would take a lifetime. The REX KARMAVEER GLOBAL FELLOWSHIPS MISSION is all about ordinary heroes, who have achieved the EXTRAORDINARY. Many of our heroes are people who did not even go to school but have ethically created and built world class schools, hospitals, agriculture ventures and created opportunities for millions of people. Hence, we do not LAY emphasis on educational qualifications, degrees or certification, but on character, commitment, wisdom and initiative by the self TO BE and LEAD THE CHANGE. An essential skill that you must have to apply (but if you don’t, no worries, we shall guide) is BASIC PROFICIENCY to conduct research on the internet, meticulously choose the RIGHT REAL heroes to be awarded and recognised. You must have the basic ability to work on Microsoft Excel, Power Point and Word, and aptitude to draft, craft and send letters/reports/stories, through email to People who are nominated for the REX Karmaveer Global Tree Saviour Fellowship and Karmaveer Chakra award. Basically, we looking for people with a Mindset/Attitude to find hidden gems and unsung heroes, who are worthy of the REX Karmaveer Honour, to MAINSTREAM their HEROIC EXTRAORDINARY DEEDS in order to INSPIRE people from around the world TO BE THE CHANGE.

Work Experience is INSIGNIFICANT. Our Founder, Jeroninio “Jerry” Almeida, is a Leadership Coach and Management consultant by PASSION. He loves working with people to INSPIRE SOLID CHARACTER and UNLEASH THEIR HEROIC POTENTIAL. Jerry engages with corporate and other executive, teachers, parents and educators in his coaching programs. What he has realised over the years, is that it is NOT JUST 85% of people who come to work JUST TO PAY THE BILLS and most of these EMPLOYEES have no FIRE IN THE BELLY. So frankly, WORK EXPERIENCE like EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS is another flawed concept. So, if you have the CHARACTER OF CONTENT and DRIVE to embark on this extraordinary journey, with fire in your belly, heart and soul to find the FIREBRANDS who believe that it is better to light a candle and dispel the darkness, rather than just cursing the darkness, then read our website and get in touch. To reiterate, WE DON’T EMPHASISE OR WORRY about your EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS or WORK EXPERIENCE. What WE CARE about is your character, devotion, discipline and diligence to BE THE CHANGE and LEAD THE CHANGE by BEING A HERO who CURATES and DISCOVERS the MORE INSPIRATIONAL REAL-LIFE HEROES IN OUR WORLD. READ THROUGH OUR WEBSITE links provided in this appeal thoroughly, and if you think you CHOOSE TO MAKE A POSITIVE CONTRIBUTION as our Writer/Reporter/Storyteller, then apply immediately.

Major Criterion that we are looking for in the right candidate is:

1. You must be Proactive and self-driven. Integrity of thought and Content of Character are most essential. We will finally recruit people who bring to the table all the values mentioned on our website Rex Guiding Principles (rexideas.com) and join us with honesty of purpose, seriousness of intent and courage of conviction to go beyond to be & lead the change. Robust character to take it as a vocation and not just another job with an I CAN DO mindset and attitude.

2. A focused, enthusiastic, energized, proactive, industrious and team-player approach is most essential. We want people to join us with a Volunteering & Missionary Passiopreneur mindset and not just an employee mindset. http://icongo.in/just_another_volunteer.html

3. Good knowledge of English language. Sound writing skills.

4. Work Experience is INSIGNIFICANT, Degree is not a driving force but a flair and love for researching (on internet and other media), curating and writing stories is important. An essential skill that you must have to apply is BASIC PROFICIENCY to conduct research on the internet and other media, to meticulously choose the RIGHT REAL tree champions and heroes and write their story to inspire the world.

5. LEAD the role with full accountability, sincerity and ISR -Individual Social Responsibility,

Renumeration package: Rs. 25,000 (CTC inclusive of taxes) per month plus GST, based on efforts, devotion and commitment to the RESPONSIBILITY TO ACCOMPLISH (RTA), with personal accountability and initiative.

What more is in it for you?

All your stories will be published on www.KarmaDishoom.com which is an integral part of the Rex Karmaveer Global fellowship mission to disseminate TRUE STORIES of REAL HEROES and our Karmaveers for encouraging citizen-heroes. The name is a blend of our 2 initiatives Karma Kurry,the bestselling book series that pioneered storytelling of Real Heroes (which signed the biggest book deal in Asia and mainstreams stories of REAL & UNSUNG HEROES) and iDishoom, the FIRST news/views web portal that promoted Discovery and Storytelling of REAL HEROES and encouraged CITIZEN-REPORTING for the first time in the world, since 2004. Karma Dishoom was incubated with seed-funding and support from charter alliance partners like UNDP, UN Volunteers, UNODC, TISS, AT&T, USAID, DFID, Business World, International Herald Tribune, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, GTZ, NASSCOM Foundation, EU India Chambers, NDTV, UTVi, News X, WOTR, Population First, Plan International, CERC, CERI, Lintas Media Group, Omnicom, Britannia Industries Limited, Dell Computers, GE Money, HDFC Bank Ltd, Kotak Mahindra, NTPC Ltd, ONGC Ltd, MDI, ISB, Deakin University, St. Xavier’s College, Christ University, Harvard, Education World, Grant Thornton, Mercer, Harvard Business Review, Oxford University Publishing and several others.

1. Your story has the potential to reach out to over 13.9 million readers and inspire millions to be and lead the change.

2. You will be profiled as our Reporter/Storyteller/Writer with our Editorial Guidance Board (Living Legends from around the world) and Founding team. http://www.karmadishoom.com/about

3. If you diligently work with us over time, we may nominate you for the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship and Karmaveer Chakra awards, based on merit of your work and your attitude to go beyond with a voluntary mindset.

4. If you write very inspiring stories that inspire us, we may feature your story with you featured as Biographer in the Karma Kurry books.

5. More than that, if you really show promise you may get chosen to co-author a Karma Kurry book and get listed as a bestselling published author.

NOTE. YOU WILL BE INTERVIEWED DIRECTLY BY THE Rex Karmaveer Global fellowship founders. YOUR DEGREES and WORK EXPERIENCE, it is simply about how prepared and inspired you are to work with us at REX and MAKE A DIFFERENCE. So simple cue is READ the WEBSITE https://rexideas.com . We are also looking for PART TIME reporters and writers to join us as Voluntary Citizen Reporters and Writers.Details are on website.