Karma-Kurryyy Book Series

Karma Kurry is a book series authored by Jerry and signed the biggest book deal in India. Karma Kurry is now creating a subseries of books under titles like Karma Kurry KidPower, Karma Kurry WomanPower, Karma Kurry YouthPower, Karma Kurry Missionary Passiopreneurs, etc to inspire more and more people with true stories of REAL HEROES, who are being the change and making a difference in our world.

Karma Dishoom is an amalgamation of the energy, ethos and essence of the Karma Kurry Book Series and iDishoom News/Views Portal. Karma Dishoom dares to go, where other NEWS journals, portals and media tread on egg shells.  Our slug line is WHERE HEROES, RIGHT every WRONG and the idea is to enable Karma to PUNCH HARD against all wrongs, through the collective energy of ourREAL HEROES, CITIZEN REPORTERS and WHISTLE BLOWERS. Dishoom is an auditory mnemonic for a HARD-HITTING PUNCH in Indian movies. https://rexideas.com/idishoom/about-us/