Inviting Citizen Reporters/Editors

Inviting Citizen Reporters/Editors

All citizen reporter and citizen editor positions are voluntary and would have a monetary motivation after 3 months of writing with excellence for Karma Dishoom News/Views portal. We have an incredible incentive plan that we will share with you, when you join and complete 3 months of writing features. You can make up to Rs. 5000 per features that you publish and promote. So, if you publish 25 articles in a month apropos our GUIDELINES, you get to make 1,25,000 Rs. While working from home.

Citizen Reporter:

You can simply register and join us as our citizen reporter. As our citizen reporter you can post your features stories and other article. As our respected citizen reporter, we expect our reporters to post at least 2 original features and 2 researched / rewritten features in a month. Besides you may also contribute by sourcing content from the #worldwideweb (internet) and rewriting the features and articles and then uploading them on Karma Dishoom. All approved articles shall be published by our citizen editors.

What’s in it for you?

  • You become a member of a conscientious community of citizen reporters and Karma Dishoom contributors.
  • Your profile and photo shall be published with all your features and stories.
  • Based on your track record over 6 months we shall issue a sought-after PRESS CARD and PRESS KIT to you with a Car Sticker and PRESS ID which shall give you access to several events and an identity as a media reporter.
  • Based on your consistent performance we may promote you to our Citizen Editor.
  • You may also become one of our exclusive Influencer Bloggers based on the quality of your writing.
  • You may also recommend other citizen reporters.
  • Certificate of internship/contribution will be issued on behalf of REX and iCONGO after 6 months of your contribution.
  • Exceptional writers and reporters get a chance to be a part of the training for writing and reporting after a year of timely, continuous and good contributions.
  • Chance to handle social media branding and promotions at events.
  • Professional journalists are also welcome to add and publish their stories. Stories that cannot be published or broken due to your organisation’s commitments/ties, will gladly be published and investigated upon by us. Anonymity and strict confidence about your IDENTITY will be maintained and adhered to. In the past many years since 2004, we have never disclosed names of citizen reporters who broke some of the hardest and ground breaking whistle blowing stories against the so-called might and powerful.
  • After observing your contributions, we may nominate you for the prestigious Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship and Karmaveer Chakra (Bronze) award instituted by the UN. More details are on the discretion of the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship management and Karma Dishoom management’s recommendation)

Citizen Editor:

As our citizen editor you shall have publishing rights and shall be assigned a group of citizen reporters. As our esteemed citizen editor, we expect you to publish 1 original feature every week and rewrite at least 2 stories sourced from the internet every week. You would also peruse and publish the uploaded articles of citizen reporters assigned to you.

What’s in it for you?

  • All the benefits of the Citizen Reporter
  • You may also recruit your own citizen reporters
  • After observing your contributions, e may nominate you for the prestigious Rex Karmaveer Global

Fellowship and Karmaveer Chakra (Silver) award instituted by the UN. More details are on (At the discretion of the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship management and Karma Dishoommanagement’s recommendation)

Influencer Blogger:

This is by invitation only for exclusive thought leaders or people who have inspired our trust and earned the coveted title as our Influencer Blogger. These may be current Karmaveer award recipients or people we nominate.

Guidelines for researching/sourcing from the Internet!

You may source stories of heroes or other features from several online media like Facebook, LinkedIn, videos from YouTube and upload these features with your thoughts. One may also source features from several websites as given below and REWRITE these articles to make them better, more concise and if possible light hearted reading and upload the same with CATCHY HEADLINE